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The GFsix Show!




Hey Bands,
Send Us Your Music And If We Like It, We Will Write A Review For It & Play YOUR Music On Our Show. Even Mention The Song Title And Band Name Too!
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The Band D.O.L

Posted on May 1, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1005)

D.O.L is a metal band from Finland, that will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!

If you're looking for a hard rocking killer sound, then you have to check out this band, let me tell you, this band takes loud to a hole new level, this band is what rock was ment to sound like. Great songs like "DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS" is a smooth song that starts off with a great riff and ends with one hell of a sound, the song has passion and meaning.  Another killer song we liked was a song called "HEARTS KILLING FIELD" this is a hard rocking song that tells a story and makes you want to listen to the well written lyrics, the vocals are very good, the guitars are insane good and the drums are a perfect mix.

In the summer of 2017 they reinvented there selves as a band and changed our style radically, as it used to be really heavy stuff and the vocals used to be mostly of screaming and other "unclean" techniques, that is all gone now and MC uses mainly just a clean voice.

The actual musical style is really different, as it was some kind of "trash metal" they have turned the tone into more hard rock/heavy rock and there are still some metal in the mix too.

Currently, the band is fine tuning the songs for their next album and live set.If you have the chance to catch them live, we reccomend getting your asses there, this band has style and sound and the show is AMAZING!  You can thank me later!

Look for this band in the 2019 GFsix Show's BATTLE OF THE BANDS coming soon and cast your vote!

Check out the bands facebook page RIGHT HERE!

Grab the bands music RIGHT HERE!


Posted on March 8, 2020 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (457)

A Cool Band With It's Very Own 'COOL Style.

Looking for a great band. check out this band called RaLeaf, they play a solid sound and add in there very own style to it. songs that can rock you out to songs that tell a story. The songs are well written and come from their passion to create lyrics that are real.

This band has tons of great tunes and have live show's throught the Philly area, they are featured on the Gashouse Radio Network along with many other stations like alienxradio and ultimatelocalmusic. They understand what their fans want and expect from them and promiced to deliver it in every song and at every live show.

It's always a great thing, when we here at The GFsix Show find a great band with great music, our show fans come to expect us to play music that they want to hear on our show. Let me tell you, it's not easy to find a band that hits up on everything, but this band sure does.

Check out their music, songs like "TIME TO KILL" is a great smooth sound with smooth guitars and a killer beat, the lyrics are pure and the song comes together great, other songs like "GET A LITTLE LOVE" is a pure sounding song with a great love story behind it, another amazing song is "COUGHT IN THE FIGHT" this is a catchy song with a great style and the words are fresh and trust me, you'll be singing this in the shower. 

This band is very hip and a good group of guys that seem to have 'GELLED together to bring all of us a cool new VIBE. Check out the bands new music & tour dates HERE, like them on facebook HERE , buy there music HERE and hit up their website right HERE. Just tell them that the GFSIX SHOW sent

One last thing is, if you have a chance to see this band "LIVE", you have to go, they bring a fun time to all their live shows and fans love them, it's always a party when this band is playing and jamming out. They understand what you want and how you want it! 

*Catch This Band Coming Soon To The GFsix Show!

A little bit more about this band called RaLeaf...

RaLeaf, based out of Philadlephia, PA, was born in a garage in Westfield, NJ when high school friends Mike Marks and Mark Boyd started playing together in the Boyd Family’s loft in 2004. In high school, the two of them spent hours playing guitars and singing, honing their skills and tightening their partnership.

In college, Mike met bassist Jake Irwin who's innate understanding of harmony fill out the band’s rich sound. Rounding out the foursome is the hard-hitting Mark Anderson who eats drums for breakfast to start his day. Mark fortuitously met his future band mates at a bar one night in New Jersey, and the rest is history.

Together, the draw on a number of influences, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Beatles to Sublime and 311 to Led Zeppelin.


Posted on February 28, 2020 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (60)

Music That Moves You...

Nick Ray is an independent producer/singer/songwriter from New Orleans. His music career began as a lead singer in the local scene performing with numerous rock and alternative bands.

Not wanting to be tied down to a single genre, Ray continues today as a solo, experimental artist writing and producing almost all of his songs as they genre hop between Pop, Soul, Alternative, Hip Hop, and EDM. His soulful voice, along with his natural ability to write and produce exceptional tracks leave Ray poised for a promising musical future, as it’s safe to say he has only scratched the surface.

Become a fan RIGHT HERE!  

Grab His music RIGHT HERE!


Posted on December 31, 2019 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (24)


Open Your Ears, This Is Some Real Music...

The band is called Bootstraps out of the L.A area, lets start off with some of the bands remakes like "I wanna dance with somebody" this is done in a classic way, they slow it down and it's amazing. This band offers some out statnding music and the most heart felt lyrics we ever heard, the band itself is the perfect mix of drums, acustic and voices.

When we hear music like this, it makes us happy that there are still solid bands who put the music first, yeah, there are bands that want all the fame and never want to do all the hard work, but this is not one of those bands. This group has been grinding at gigs from coast to coast hitting small shows as well as huge sold out ones. One thing for sure is this band live is amazing, you need to go see them when they hit up your town.

With songs like "Earned It" and "Won't Back Down" you can hear some awesome lyrics with a sound that is there very own style, other songs like "Pictures Of You" and "Everywhere" offer more of a story then a song and hit you right in the moment. The new album (HOMAGE) is packed with great music, it's a solid CD and we think it's A MUST GRAB!

More About The Band Bootstraps,

Singer-songwriter Jordan Beckett is a craftsman whose folk-pop has a filmic quality, a trait that has served the Portland, Ore., native well. Beckett, doing business under the name Bootstraps, got his break when actor/director Sam Jaeger asked him to write songs for the 2011 movie “Take Me Home;” besides the half-dozen tunes in that film, Bootstraps’ songs have found their way onto television shows such as “No Ordinary Family,” “Private Practice,” “Betrayal,” and “Parenthood,” among others.

Bootstraps’ self-titled album, featuring production work from Skip Saylor and Richard Dodd, was originally self-released, but it was pulled back after the band’s signed to Harvest Records, which now will release it Feb. 18. The evocative collection recalls a more world-weary Ray LaMontagne; in fleshing out his tunes, Beckett recruited the talents of two old college buddies familiar to followers of the L.A. scene, David Quon and Nathan Warkentin of We Barbarians.

And ex-Cold War Kids drummer Matt Aveiro has now joined Bootstraps’ live band. The expansive single “Sleeping Giant” has some My Morning Jacket ambitions, so adjust your volume accordingly.

Visit the bands facebook fan page RIGHT HERE. 

The Paper Guns

Posted on December 11, 2019 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (11)

Ever Just Want To Hear A Fresh New Sound With A Cool Attitude?

This 5-piece alternative/rock band based out of Utah and Salt Lake counties. Influences include but are not limited to: Jimmy Eat World, the Early November, All Time Low, the Get Up Kids, Paramore, Tonight Alive, Ivory Line

We came across this band while searching for another, so damn glad we heard this one, they bring a fresh new sound to the music world. Their sound is all their own, they play hard and fast with some nice rips in between. This is a younger band that can hit all the notes, with cool songs like "ATTEMPT TO FLY" & "BROKEN APART" You see them show the guitar side of the tunes and have some fun with the lyrics.

In other songs like "HOW TO MAKE A PAPER PLAIN" or "BETWEEN US" they show just how good they can be. The rythem in these songs will sound great on your ears while driving or relaxing. Another great song is "BONES" this one is a nice rock style that is very catchy and should have you up out of your chair singing.

Their show's are always great, they offer the fans a great time with style and a great drum beat, you can't go wrong if you hit up one of this bands show's, they're worth the ride.

What ever style of music you like, you owe it to yourself to check out and grab this bands music.

"LIKE" Them On Facebook Here.

Hit Up The Bands Music & Website Here.

Global Affront Band

Posted on September 20, 2019 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (248)

A Band That Just Plain Rocks!

Global Affront was formed in 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Eric Wellington and Rico Colley. They began by playing Nirvana, Sex Pistols and Green Day covers, but were inspired to write original material in response to the 2009 Oakland BART shooting and the riots that followed.

After recording and releasing their debut (self-titled) EP in 2011, they started to build a following and were booked to play venues such as the legendary Continental Club in Oakland and The DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The band’s song lyrics, while always based in solid punk angst, began to evolve and incorporate themes of social and political injustice. In 2012, Colley and Wellington recruited Shane Hunt-Dussé as their bassist and the band recorded their second EP, "Another Fucking Global Affront EP."

The EP was released during the finals of the 2012 San Francisco Battle of the Bands, where Global Affront beat out more than 100 bands to take first prize. In early 2013, Global Affront teamed up with SF Suicide Prevention and instituted an annual benefit concert with all proceeds going to this important cause. In the summer of 2013, Global Affront set out on their first cross country tour, hitting world-famous spots like 924 Gilman in Berkeley, Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, Sullivan Hall in New York City, and others. Global Affront will release its debut full-length album, "It's All Downhill From Here," in 2014.

This band has some very good lyrics along with a smooth swag style that will have you bangin your head and singing along, they rock out with every song at the shows and will leave you wanting more. This band has some great tunes like "Revalution" & "You're A Lie" that hit the rockin spot for sure.

Other songs like "Make Way" show the bands complete style with great bass and drums. The songs are classy and have a fast paced rythem and a shocking vocalist.

Grab their music right HERE

Hit the band up on their facebook fan page right HERE.


Posted on May 1, 2019 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (310)


This Band Just Keeps You Rockin'

Kittenhead was started in May 2012 and is based in West Hollywood, CA,with some members located in San Francisco, CA. Kittenhead played its first live shows in September 2012 in the Pacific Northwest, with a headlining slot at the Comet in Seattle. Since then, the band has played all of the major cities on the West Coast, with fans requesting to return to flowing from every show. Kittenhead has played several West Coast Roller Derbies including the Sugartown Roller Derby, Viva Roller Derby and San Diego Derby Dolls halftime shows, where high energy was an understatement. After gigs at The Roxy (LA), The World Famous Doll Hut (Anaheim) and El Rio (San Francisco), it's time to get this show on the radio.

This band is a fast rockin wild style band, if you wan't music that fills up a room and has a meaning, then you have to check this band out. They have a style that will make you say wow and the lyrics in their songs are powerful. The singer (KIVI) will have you groovin to the soung, her energentic powerful voice is great, the lead giutar (DD) is a another female that plays with a passion, the bass player (VJJ) is yet another female that hit's the strings hard. Then there is the drumer (O-Face) this guy will not only smash the drums but will also play his heart out.

I Must say, this band reminds me a lot of "Joan Jett and The Black Hearts", they also sound a bit like "Foo Fighters" and we all know that is some heavy sounds.

They have put together some amazing tunes, like "TATOO" & "PRIVACY" that are very well written and let me tell you, the ROCK. Their new ep is full of great tunes. The one thing that seperates this band from others is their giving, they seem to always want to help out with charities. If you feel like rockin out and want to hear some great stuff, you need to check this band out.


The high energy live shows led to Kittenhead receiving rave reviews from, Reno Tonight Magazine, and airplay on various Internet radio stations across the country, including Stench Radio. The band has played benefit shows for cancer survivors, college scholarships and loves to give their time and energy to such causes.

Great music is the experience the band wants to deliver.

Like Them On Facebook Here.

Grab thier music here.