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Hey Bands,
Send Us Your Music And If We Like It, We Will Write A Review For It & Play YOUR Music On Our Show. Even Mention The Song Title And Band Name Too!
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Posted on April 10, 2018 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Punk Rock With Crazy Style.

If you know anything about Las Vegas punk then you know about the legendary Peccadilloes. Maybe you’ve seen someone wearing their shirt or perhaps you’ve heard them on the Double Down Saloon juke box. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you caught them live. Yeah, if you know anything about real punk, you know them. And you know what “fuck you” is supposed to sound like


The most underrated punk band in the United States? That’s probably true. And now, from the ashes of the Peccadilloes comes a new band, with a new direction, new music and the same bad attitude.

Meet The Gashers, a 3-piece band from Nevada with deep roots in Vegas punk history, solid, dynamic chops, and some serious anger issues. Jason, Sandy and James helped form the iconic Peccadilloes in 2003, and, after releasing four full length CDs, playing countless sold-out shows and building a huge, loyal following they wanted to try something new. In 2014, the three formed The Gashers and in the process gave a fresh new voice to everything punk is supposed to be.

Featured songs like "Panic" & "Justice" are 2 of their songs that will kick your ass, both songs are well written and the lyrics are very good. Both songs show what this band is made of. One of our show's all time favorits is the song "It's OK" this is an older song that will have you banging your head. Their new ep is full of killer songs you can grab it right here.

This bands killer hard beat sound will make you bang your head, it's fun music with an attitude and a lot of power. The Gashers also do a great live show, they have fun and keep the fans moving, if you want to punk out then you need to check out their music.

They are a visceral, angry, honest, ball of knives. They are the spit in the eye of conventional music and a powerful beer-breath of fresh air in a stale world of processed, auto-tuned, pre-packaged bullshit. They defy category and redefine DIY, all while holding true to their old school roots. They are REAL.

The Gashers’ first full length album, “Law Is Not Order”, will be released On August 14th, 2012, by SquidHat Records. Be sure to check it out and make sure to catch them on tour in 2014. If you don’t remember what “fuck you” is supposed to sound like, they’ll remind you.

Like Them On Facebook Here

Hit Up The Bands Website Here!

Sons Of Anarchy Up-Date

Posted on March 21, 2018 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 8 Filming To Start In 2017?

The Name Of The Show To Be ‘The First 9’ A few days back the fans were very happy when they got to know that there might be chances of Charlie Hunnam joining back the cast of ''Sons Of Anarchy'' when the prequel is made, however it seems that the possibilities are bleak.

It is possible that the name of the spinoff will be ''The First 9.'' Ads by Kiosked "I put everything I had into that show. I lived it as much as I could," said Hunnam. "I never got in a car the whole seven years. I was only on my bike and rolling around with a bunch of real bikers and occasionally acting like a maniac'' he added further as per the article on Inquisitr. Hunnam was there for seven seasons and he does not have any desire to be a part of the prequel. Also his character Jax Teller, was killed off in the finale of "Sons Of Anarchy" season 7.

"But saying good-bye to the character was a motherfucker," Hunnam added. "As stupid as it sounds, it really felt like a genuine bereavement, because he was this guy that I loved and hung out with constantly for seven years." The creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter confirmed as per an article on release date that he will look at making a spin off sometime in 2017. The upcoming spin-off might be named as ''The first 9.''

''The storyline of the TV series revolves around a community of bikers, who are the members of the ''Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original'' or abbreviated as ''SAMCRO.'' Similar to other communities of bikers, the SAMCRO club can't boast of its legality'' the article gave the brief. "He's [show creator Kurt Sutter] trying to do a prequel, which I would love to see. Kurt is trying to get it going. Did you read that about Brad Pitt maybe playing my dad? Brad Pitt as John Teller. How awesome would that be?" Hunnam stated.

"I've had discussions with the network about it, and I think they are open to it," Sutter told fans at the Sons for Sandy Relief event in Asbury Park, N.J., on Sunday as per a report on People which was published in Nov. 2013. "I think there is something really interesting about the origins of the club. And to do a period piece set in the '60s, post-Vietnam could be kind of cool. I don't think we would dovetail and start right after the series ended, but it's something I'm potentially excited about it'' he added further. "Our fans are so important to us.

They keep showing up for us, every season, every episode," Rossi, a Staten Island native, told PEOPLE at the event. "Kurt is from Jersey and I thought this was such an incredible idea to show the fans how much we appreciating them and do what we do, give back." So it looks like that the popular demand of this show has made Sutter think about making a prequel. Wait for more updates coming up from Kpopstarz.

Soprano's VS S.O.A

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (20)

Who Would Win If The Soprano's Took On The Bikers Of S.O.A?

- The DiMeo crime family, later referred to as the Soprano crime family, is a Mafia family from New Jersey.

- The DiMeo crime family consists of an administration and six small crews.

- Were victorious in multiple wars with other families.


Sons Of Anarchy:

- A close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional town in California’s Central Valley.

- Primary source of income is running guns.

- Most members are physically fit.

Let's take a look at this one, the Soprano's was a killer show, there is no way Mr. Tony Soprano would ever back down, or would he? What if Clay was meeting Tony in a dark alley. This would be epic, you would have Tony asking Clay if he has paid the rent, Clay would probley respond with we don't pay rent. Then the two would do a crazy push and shove.

We all know that both these families would never come alone right? You know as well as me that Tony would have Paulie and Pussy behind the car and Clay would have Jax and Tig looking from the window. I would say that Jax is the better of the the two's right hand men, Jax will be in charge while Paulie makes a few smart ass jokes.

Another win for the S.O.A crew is the women behind the two, you got Carmela and Gemma, this is no match at all, you have to give the edge to Gemma, this lady will kill her own sister. We know that Carmela has some meaness but not near what Gemma has. Another win for the Soprano's is the entire family, Pops (JR.) was a mean crazy man that even tried to kill Tony.

Both show's have awesome scenes, the S.O.A crew would get the nod here based on that Oppie Death scene, remember it, when the crew was in jail and the gaurds gave the order to kill Oppie, man, that was a sad day for all of us viewers.

The music in both show's is amazing, but again I give the nod to S.O.A their music scenes are some of the best I ever heard and the way all the songs fit into the show is off the charts. However, the opening song in the Soprano's is just the greatest. We're talking about all the songs, not just the opening song tho...

The fight with Clay And Gemma is the most craziest fight I ever seen until I seen the the fight with Tony and Carmela, remember that? Clay about killed Gemma and she was beaten, how many of you thought Jax was going to end Clay for that one? Then, we seen Tony beat the crap out of Carmela and no one said a thing to him. Think the edge goes to the Soprano's.

We could go on and on with this battle, so, we need your input on what show is the very best, one thing for sure both show's are in the top 5 of everyone's list. We will announce the winner on The GFsix Radio Show.

As for ME, I have to man up and say, The WINNER IS THE... ???  (You Have To Listen To Next Weeks GFsix Radio Show To Find Out) ... Hahahaha

What Say You?  Post Your Comments!

SAUL Music

Posted on January 11, 2018 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (4)


This Band Will Shock Your Mind With Some Hard Rockin Sound.... 

"Rise as Equals" is the slogan surrounding the release of Saul's new ep, "The Touching of Parallels". Rise: a degree of elevation, Equals: not above or below but eye to eye. These words are bringing people together in hoards due to it's power and realization of achievement. You're only as good as your word is fine, but they believe you are only as good as the deeds you perform. Connect with people and help the world succeed in all facets. We are more than brothers, closer than enemies, stay loyal as one, and "Rise as Equals."

Saul is based out of Sioux City, IA and consists of three members Blake Bedsaul (bass/lead vocals), Zach Bedsaul (guitar/backing vocals), and Adam Chilton (drums/percussion). Saul has been featured in fifteen magazines worldwide, are played on over ninety radio stations including Pandora and numerous other internet stations. Saul released their first music video for "Atrocious Ra" following their release of "Embrace the Rain" in October of 2010. "Atrocious Ra" is reaching nearly 12,000 views on their youtube channel. January 2012 Saul released a single/ video "DayFly" and has nearly 14,000 views on youtube and counting. Recently being sponsored by Ultimate Local Music Saul is proving to be stronger than ever.


The three members of Saul have announced the October 1st release date for the highly anticipated ep, "The Touching of Parallels." With their remake of Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" being the first single, this hard-hitting song will impact radio stations in November. This will only set the tempo for "Motives" to follow shortly after. "The Touching of Parallels" is Saul's concept ep, defining and "Dividing Hills" with the struggles of 2012. Being based out of Sioux City, IA has its advantages. Saul is the heart that pushes the raw emotions to the coasts, and through-out the world. Staying true, and always pushing the envelope, "The Touching of Parallels" will leave you needing more. While producing a heavier side of the spectrum, Saul ensures we will all "Rise as Equals."

The band is now back in the studio working on their latest album, we just got a sneek listen to the songs called "BOLIDE" & "TOLL" let me just say this, the song "TOLL" is a powerful sounding rockin hard song and should be on everyones list.  This band is damn hard rock at its best, they are always fetured on the GFsix Show and can't wait to see this band live!

Saul will be traveling to Cleveland, OH to work with producer/engineer Mike Brown at Lava Room Studios. Following the release of "The Touching of Parallels," Saul will once again be hitting the touring circuit. Sticking to the Midwest for the first run but reaching back out to the West coast for later dates. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay connected to the future of Saul by linking to any of their social media sites.

Hit Up The Bands New Website HERE.

Check out there brand new song "BOLIDE"  & "TOLL" & Join There Face Book FAN PAGE HERE!


On Point- Music

Posted on October 19, 2017 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Great New Music From A Local Band "On Point" Will Have You Lovin' Their Sound.

It began with Last Call, originally an acoustic duo founded by Adam Esson (Guitar/Vocals), who played the local bars. Shortly after, impressed by a live performance, Scott Mandato (Drums) and Matt Davis (Vocals) joined and their sound was born. They often win audiences with their unique blend of hip-hop, reggae and acoustic rock.

In 2013, after joining forces with Eian McCoy (Guitar) and Doug Becht (Bass), they hit the studio and reinvented their music to create their debut EP, DEMO. On Point’s debut sound is derived from influences like The Dirty Heads, Nas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Third Eye Blind, combined with inspiring lyrics about life, love and humanity. During recording, the band met Grammy-nominated producer/musician Sean Beavan, who had this to say after hearing the tracks


"On Point has that seemingly impossible combination of great melodies, magnetic vocals and tight, cohesive, musicianship that enhances their catchy songs. On Point is a new millennial hybrid with punchy tracks and solid songwriting skills. The singer and rapper strike that perfect balance of hip hop swagger and soaring emotional melody."

The main single, “Castles,” is a feel-good reggae/rap tune that peeks into the struggle of a one-sided relationship and the persistence of love. When released for streaming online in January, the track quickly gained hundreds of plays and new fans for the band, pushing them to #1 on ReverbNation’s Cleveland Alternative chart. Other tracks include “My Baby,” an acoustic solo by singer/guitarist Adam Esson with backing synth strings by Steve Basil from Machine Gun Kelly, and “Problems,” a fan-favorite about the day-to-day grind that is far from radio friendly.

This band is damn good, their music is solid and has a great vibe, you can't help but singing along with the tunes, they keep the music fresh and offer some very cool rythems. If you have a chance to see this band proform, take it from me, go see them, you will have a great time. Grab thier new ep and have a great time listening to the many styles they create, the twist is blending some hip hop rap into a few of their tunes all the while touching your soul with some amazing tender songs.

You can grab their music right HERE.

Hit them up on their facebook fan page HERE.

*Coming Soon To The GFsix Radio Show!  

HateChoir Music

Posted on September 11, 2017 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The Sound That Gets You Flipping Out... ALOT!

When we first heard this bands music, we thought O NO not another garage band, but when we played some more of their songs, we started to see why a lot of people liked this band. They have a crazy sound with some off the wall lyrics, but as long as you make it all fit as they do, we found it good.

This music is not for everyone, but for the ones who enjoy a hard fun music blasting or tunes you can relate to, this band is for you. Songs like "Fat Twinkie" is kind of a classic title and the music is fast and hard, other songs like "T.V Mann" and "Pizza Mann" should make you feel the beat.

The riffs are insane fast and makes for a party theme, the drums are solid and the lyrics as we said earlier will have your head spinning. If you love loud crazy fun and don't mind banging your head alot, then you should catch these guys at a show, they bring a power to the stage and don't seem to care if you like them or not because either way they are there to blast and have some fun doing it.

You can become a fan of this band right HERE.

Grab there music right HERE.

Feed The Kitty

Posted on July 6, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Some Great Country Music & A Country SWAG.

It's time to kick off your boots and have a country good 'ol time with this band called Feed The Kitty, they bring a fast paced country style music to life, with a clean fresh new style, every song has a story and this bands tells the story and has some great fun singing it. They have tons of great songs to choose from, all of them are pretty dam good and promice to have you singing right along with them.

Some great songs like "Where Did All The Time Go" is made from the heart, great lyrics to go along with some great music playing, the story and style of this song is a classic. The song is well written and makes you wonder where did the time go..  lol..  Other cool songs include "Wonder"  and "Sleepless Nights" are just songs that are great to listen to. Another killer song is called "Goin' Country" of the bands newest album sounds like a fun song with a Johnny Cash Style.

This band seems like a band that has some fun at all their "live" show's and from the looks of their tour dates, they seem to be everywhere in the country circut. They play all over the USA and if you have a chance to go see them, make sure you do, you'll be glad you did. It's a great time and the music will seem to never stop.

The members of the band, Jack Maher, Jed Mottley, Jon Shumway sound like they have about 10 guys playing, but yes, it's just the 3 members playing all the music. Feed The Kitty has enjoyed plenty of musical success with no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, if you've seen the movies "Lars and the Real Girl" or "National Lampoon's: Cattle Call" you've already heard Feed The Kitty's music on their respective soundtracks!

On March 23rd, 2015 they completed a short documentary about the band. A film crew (Kenny Stoff ,"Sound City", "Sonic Highways") followed them for one week as they played 9 gigs in 6 days, fresh off their first ever European tour, which will be released on Tuesday, June 16th. FTK will be performing in Los Angeles, CA., Austin, TX., Scottsdale, AZ., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA. and Nashville, TN. this year to promotethe new album.

Another great country style band with great heart and passion for their music, a band that has come a long way from where it started and through all of it, always stayed focused on their sound and style.

The GFsix Show is all about great music and great style and this band has both, you can hit up the bands facebook fan page right HERE, and if you want to download some great tunes, you can grab their music right HERE! Whatever you do don't miss this band 'LIVE" hit up all their TOUR DATES RIGHT HERE!