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The GFsix Show!




Hey Bands,
Send Us Your Music And If We Like It, We Will Write A Review For It & Play YOUR Music On Our Show. Even Mention The Song Title And Band Name Too!
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Posted on March 20, 2019 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (1)

ACDC: New Album On The Way...

Rumours have been swirling since August last year, when estranged members Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd were photographed together outside the Vancouver studio where AC/DC recorded their last three records. Nothing had been heard since then until late last month, when US band Terrorizer said they had bumped into Johnson at an airport, with the vocalist reportedly admitting to them that he was back in the lineup.

Now, on his podcast, Trunk says that while at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, he was told the album is done – and it features some material recorded by the late Malcolm Young. Trunk says: “I have a source that will remain nameless, but a very, very, very well-placed, reliable source regarding AC/DC. “He told me, to his knowledge, the album is done, that they went to that studio in Canada and made this record and what people speculated on – that these were riffs and ideas and is more of a tribute to Malcolm Young – is true, that Malcolm had a bunch of stuff recorded that they worked off of and incorporated into the record.

“This is a unity thing – to come together and put out some of Malcolm’s music and celebrate AC/DC." Trunk adds: “This source also told me that he doesn’t know what they’re going to do with this record, when or how it’s going to come out and, as far as he was aware – and he would know – there’s no plans for live shows. “He didn’t tell me anything about Axl or who’s on it.” The rummours regarding no live shows appears to be backed up by former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven who, according to the Appetite For Distortion podcast (via Alternative Nation) says: “I’m not sure that Brian, that his condition, is going to let him tour.

That is the rumour I’ve heard. “They can record together but he may not tour with them so Axl/DC may well be an entity into next year, who knows?” Johnson was forced to stop touring with AC/DC in 2016 under the threat of permanent deafness but has since worked with audio experts Asius on a solution to his hearing problems, with Beano taking to the stage following his departure from AC/DC with Muse, Paul Rodgers and Mick Fleetwood.

Razors And Red Flags

Posted on January 4, 2019 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (2)

This is one hell of a band, their music will have you bangin your head, the song lyrics are pure and well written, their music style is raw and crazy cool to say the least. They sound a bit like the Black Keys, some Pink Floyd with a mix of Motorhead. This band brings it at every "LIVE" show and they can keep the room jumping and having way to much fun all night long.

We here at The GFsix Show found this band while searching for another one, needless to say we're damn glad we did, the music style is a sound that kinda makes you wonder why it's not on the radio yet, the sound is strong, pure and fun. The drums are killer along with the lead guitar, the singer has a perfect voice for this sound, the bass is strong and pumpin.

Songs like "Bettin' On Red" is way cool and trust me it's N AWESOME song! The lyrics are very sticky and thats a good thing in the music business, the lyrics kinda stick in your head in the shower, in the car and through out your workday. lol

Other great tunes like "California Song" & "Wicked Highway" sound like they should be included in some T.V shows like The Walking Dead or S.O.A they're that good. GREAT STUFF FOR SURE!

You can grab their music right HERE..

Become a fan on facebook right HERE..

The band made a few line up changes picking up a new drummer, and also a lead guitar and backing/lead vox. The new fully developed "Razors Sound" has arrived, revamping their whole gear arsenal and going into the garage to record their first full length with a very talented engineer in Ryan Hansmann from Rocket Soul Music.

They hope to release in 2014 along with two others, recorded at the famous Egg and K recording studios of the Pacific NW! With the new material and three new releases set for this summer, Check them out or book them for a great time had by every age group!

See ya on the road in 2014!

Nate Currin Music

Posted on December 30, 2018 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (3)


Nate Currin is an artist and a storyteller.

Having traveled to over 20 countries, performed with notable acts like Blues Traveler, Butch Walker, Jars of Clay and Neon Trees, and been featured on MTV he retains his enigmatic drive to fly under the radar from time to time. Having performed over 450 shows nationally, it’s when watching him play an intimate coffeehouse gig that he's tucked into a headlining U.S. tour that it clicks; Currin is chasing after the genuine human connection, one fan and one song at a time.

We came across Nate's Music when we were searching for a band to fill a show spot, so happy we found his music, it sounded amazing, his style and music is like listening to a person tell a great story. His music is very well written and his style is amazing. He has the understanding that with music comes a passion to have a great time.

If you're feeling down or sad, his music will pick you up, songs like "American Dream" & "Take It Home" show you a side of him as a person with a sound that is so soothing to the soul, you feel like his music is written for you. All of Nate's music is very good and well written that sounds a little like Passenger & Mumford & Sons to a bit of The Lumineers.

Nate's show's are like a family reunion, you listen to the songs and move while singing right along. You owe it to yourself to pick up his new EP "You And I Are All Ghost" all the songs on this are great!

For tour dates or to pick up his new EP visit his facebook fan page here.

Most recently Nate was nominated for a 2013 Independent Music Award right as he released his third studio album "You and I are Ghosts" which made it as high as #16 on the iTunes charts!

AZTEC: Music

Posted on November 1, 2018 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Catchy Enough to be on Radio Without Sacrificing Substance!


Canadian band AZTEC is a motivated band of friends formed with a “play anywhere for anyone” mentality. AZTEC’s performance is an intense emotional display fueled by time spent crammed in a van and the efforts demanded of today’s determined ‘indie band’. AZTEC is Lead vocals/guitar-Kyle Schepens, Lead guitar-Saul Sitar, Bass-Patrick Gleeson and Drums-Amber Banman.

They have just released their 5-track EP, , Mixed and produced by Nathan Hussey (All Get Out), Charleston S.C. and Mastered by Kenny McWilliams (Archer Avenue Studios), Columbia S.C.

AZTEC is a band that came out of nowhere for me. Their EP walks all sorts of lines; it’s just the perfect amount of offbeat indie, with the perfect amount of melody and good old rock n’ roll. The dynamics are also well above par; the right amount of loud gritty, raw guitars riffs mixed with beautiful six-string melodically-inclined notes, and matching vocal verses and choruses from Kyle. The little harmony touches to every song are also vitally important in giving the songs an extra touch of class.


Kyle Schepen’s vocals are delicate, fragile, and emotional at times, and then gritty, raw, and biting at others. Lyrically the band’s writing is superb. Some of the lyrics are enigmatic and cryptic. Others are 100 percent honest, and personal. Saul Sitar’s guitar work is refreshing. If you like guitar-based music, you will like this album. At the other end, Amber Banman’s drum work is subtle, and explosive, while Patrick Gleeson’s bass lines, are, exactly how they should be!

The flow of this EP is smooth. Every song flows right into each other seamlessly. These songs are at their nature, Indie, yet at the same time they are catchy enough to be on the radio without sacrificing any substance. In fact, ‘substance’ is the word that best sums up “Stitches”. And it can be found in what I consider the EP’s standout tracks, in this order: “Untitled Part One”, “The Benefits Of Being Alone” and “If I Believed In Anything”.

The Skategoats

Posted on September 15, 2018 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The Band That Has The Energy To Make You Move...

If you love the sound of punk rock, then we've found the band for you, this high energy band will make you think of bands like Green Day or even some Rancid. Their sound is very good and will keep the party jumping all night long. The lyrics are sharp and well done and the drums are pushed to a level of hard and fast.

With Bianca Hendy leading the charge on guitar and vocals, Michael Collins on guitar and backup vocals, Ivan Heenan on bass and Malcolm Ferguson on drums, they are ready to belly flop into the pop-punk pool and soak listeners with frantic and fun music. Their band style is smooth and fun with a taste of surprise.

The guitar riffs are classic and offer high energy with some basic clean sounds, its a punk band that has a smooth side, but only after they rip the roof off the place first. You should grab their music right HERE.

Become a fan of this band and show some love with a like right HERE.

If you have the chance to check this band out live at a show or a gig they are at, You owe it to yourself to check them out. Grab some friends and just have some good old punk fun. The SKATEGOATS look like a band with a future and you can climb onboard their train right now.

Look for this bands music to be featured on The GFsix Show!


Posted on September 15, 2018 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

This Band Has A Mean Story To Tell In Music & An AMAZING SOUND.

Sometimes a band comes along and you just think this will be some hard rocking loudness, but when this band hits the stage, it's an amazing sound with a different kind of sound. A sound that is hard, soft and intense. They have a style that will shock you, their music is kind of mean and it's a truth in the story that sells their music. Songs like "PART OF YOU" Is just a well written song that has a sound all it's own, other songs like "ADDICTION" is an awesome song that will have you listening to the words.

Downsiid was formed in 2000 by drummer Rich ‘’ Burgos in Killeen,Texas. The band entered the Central Texas music scene as a 4 piece that was a lot harder sounding and rougher than the Downsiid fan’s know today. The band originally was made up mostly of U.S Army soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. started looking to make some line-up changes.

Singer Jason ‘String’ Atwood joined the band after a chance meeting with ‘’ at a local Tattoo Shop that String owned, and the voice of Downsiid was found. In 2003 DJ Akira MC joined the band bringing Hip-Hop, turntablism, samples and a hype man into the mix. Lennis Hayes and Jeff ‘Spanish’ C. complete the band on bass and guitar respectively. Both members are veterans of the local music scene and complete the hard partyin’, harder rockin’, tear the roof off your club Texas band known as DownsiiD.

Downsiid has enjoyed independent success with their releases: ‘Karma: The Rebirth’ and ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock'. They have toured the country on self funded tours to include their annual indie fest ‘The Siid Show: Rock N Roll Circus‘, which is in it’s 5th year and now includes 8 Texas cities, “Girls, Grills and Guitars Tour” and “The Freedom Tour” which took them to towns neighboring military bases throughout the South.

To date DownsiiD has sold over 10,000 copies of ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock’ and are preparing for the release of the highly anticipated follow up, ‘Life of Lies’ featuring tracks by Andy Waldek (Daughtry, Earth to Andy), production by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford) and mastering by Maor Applebaum (Halford).

What ever you do, check these guys out. You can thank me later.

Hit up their fan page HERE.

Hit up their reverb page HERE.

Rachele Shortt

Posted on April 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Her Songs Are From Her Heart.

When we came across Rachel Shortt and her amazing music, I gota say, I was very impressed with what she was able to do with lyrics, she is a sweet sounding singer that brings a passion to the stage. Her sound is solid and her lyrics are perfection, she takes you back on a dream with some great acoustic guitar playing.

We are always looking for a polished singer, one that has the voice to go along with the sound, we think we have found just that with Rachel Shortt and her music.  This girl will have you loving her after you hear her. Songs like Reflections Of Love and Gravel Scares offers a perfect blend of lyrics and vocals that have us all here wondering why she is not on any record lable.

Rachel Shortt is a fresh, self-taught singer/songwriter out of North East Ohio. When she is performing, you can hear her heart and soul in perfect harmony through her music. Articulating the full range of human emotion and experience, Rachel makes each performance one of a kind with her unique style and personal connecting with her audience.

Her provocative lyrics approach poetry in their elegant simplicity and ability to stand alone. With the overlay of Rachel’s instrumental artistry, her original work provides an bold and universal language for those who seek a sound with passion and purpose. Even when performing a popular cover song she pays homage to the original artist while also offering her own unique flavor, breathing new life into each song she plays.


Rachel performs in both large and small venues alike, from House of Blues and Kent Stage to festivals, cafes & charity events, while also specializing in select corporate events, private parties & Weddings.

Become a fan of her music right here!